Constant Reinvention


Cultivating wisdom one bruise at a time


You don’t create what you want. You create what you believe.

My coaching work centers around helping people to make strong decisions from a clear place.

For over ten years, I’ve studied leaders and decisions, and the emotions behind them.

Today, I coach leaders to think and act clearly without the emotions which cloud decisions.

I also coach men through the emotional landmines of a divorce.


My coaching utilizes modalities designed to locate and clear the origins of blocks. As you release the blocks, you naturally evolve towards your highest self by cultivating wisdom.

Soul Coaching allows deeper wisdom to reveal itself by meeting in Presence. This allows those beliefs, patterns, and suppressed emotions to naturally rise into Awareness. Those energies which aren’t aligned with our true nature will free themselves, revealing wisdom and guidance from an authentic place.

Heart Freedom Method™  is a logical step-by-step process to turn emotional blocks into wisdom. The method allows you to accesses the deepest subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and transmutes them into fuel to live life on your own terms

Jeff’s teachings led to a profound shift in my outlook


Before I started my journey with Jeff, I found myself navigating through a fog of negativity. While I was functional, and even successful in many aspects, there was a persistent feeling of dissatisfaction. A sense of lack often overshadowed my achievements. I knew I was more than capable but sometimes, doubts would creep in, momentarily clouding my vision. Life was a bit like an untuned radio, with all the elements there, but the static of negative thinking distorting the clear reception of joy and gratitude.

In my quest to refine my thought patterns, I explored several avenues. I immersed myself in self-help literature and attended workshops. However, while these approaches provided temporary relief, they did not fully address the issue at its core. It was as though I was treating the symptoms and not the disease. The negative thoughts, although less frequent, were not completely gone.

Then, I met Jeff. His guidance proved to be the turning point in my journey. With a unique perspective on positive thinking, Jeff introduced me to meditation and the power of balance, infusing clarity into my life.

Jeff’s teachings led to a profound shift in my outlook. I went from focusing on what I didn’t have to deeply appreciating all the goodness already present in my life. Meditation, as taught by Jeff, became a tool for cultivating mindfulness and fostering a deeper connection with my inner self. It allowed me to declutter my mind and make room for positivity.

The idea of balance was a revelation, which helped me understand that negative thoughts were natural and not to be feared, but to be acknowledged and then released. This understanding was liberating, and it released a burden I didn’t even know I was carrying.

Today, my life has taken on a new, brighter hue. Jeff’s teachings have not only transformed my thoughts but also enriched my life. His impactful lessons, like the importance of positive focus and achieving mental balance, have become the guiding principles of my everyday life.

- Nima Nekouie


Instead of an emotional response to problems; I process it, understand it, and jump straight to solving issues with a clear mind

Before I started working with Jeff, my life was quite hectic and unstructured. It felt like I was juggling too many balls, with an excessive workload that seemed unending. This stress was increased by easily sidetracked by social media, which often served as a significant distraction rather than a relaxation tool.

My biggest fear is wasting away my life and not able to achieve what I am capable of.

I doubt myself where I think others would always be better than me. And when something goes wrong, I was quick to be critical to myself. Over time, I started recognizing that everyone operates on their own unique wavelength, that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Since working with Jeff, I’ve seen a shift in my life and perception. One of the key achievements is gaining a newfound understanding of life’s flow. This understanding has brought me a sense of peace that seemed difficult to achieve in today’s fast-paced, stressful world.

My reactions to life’s events have also evolved significantly. Things have happened around me recently, instead of an emotional response to the issues. I process it, understand it, able to jump straight to solving issues with a clear mind. Although, emotion still come in waves. I’ve learned to channel them constructively, approaching them with logic and acceptance. It is not a suppression of an emotion, but an understanding and accepting them, acknowledging that life has its ups and downs, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m now able to see things from a zoomed-out view. I can analyze situations from a broader perspective rather than only from my viewpoint. It helps me to sense different things in advance in the future and deepen understanding of human psychology in general.

Another insight is that understanding that there is a negative and positive for everything. Life itself is neutral. It’s our perceptions that often color it otherwise.

Lastly, understanding how been in touch with nature can be tremendously empowering. The fact that when I walk into the woods, the breath of fresh air, the birds chipping is extremely relaxing. It put myself back into center, able to think clearly for the next move, and ideas come to my mind more frequently.

The transformation didn’t come instantly. It is built by small insights that you helped me discover along the way. I feel way more in tune with myself and the world around me.

- Tianwei You


Jeff helped me identify my next move on the money chessboard

Wow, what a call I just had with Jeff

Jeff helped me identify that my next move on the money chessboard is neither High nor Low. It’s a Move that will get me closer to Victory.

Huge mindshift for me in becoming more at peace with myself. He has helped to open my eyes in recognising that I should not get too high with the highs in life and to recognize the lows as pure uppertunities to get back up and build momentum to my goals. 

I’ve made a lot of extreme moves in life but now I will be more consistent persistent. 

Thank you for your Valuable insights

- Simon Jacobs


I’m grateful to Jeff for his time and commitment to me

The first 30 years of my life were easy, and seemingly trauma-free, but over the past 15 years I somehow lost my way. I remembered the good times, but no longer felt them. Everything seemed like a chore. Everything was depressing and exhausting. I had no joy, and decided to find a coach.

Jeff is friendly, and thoughtful, and he thinks about you in between meetings, off the clock. He’s about listening and collaborating, not telling or dictating. He’s sensitive, but will also call you on your B.S. when he knows that’ll help you. His unique, innovative, & diverse techniques tap into your heart and soul. You may have forgotten things, but your body remembers them. “Groove is in the heart”, as they say, but so are pain, trauma, frustration, and pure joy. He helped me get in there and figure out how negative emotions are actually helpful, and that they benefit me just as much as the positive ones do. He helped me realize things about myself that I’d never thought about before. By doing the work that came out of those realizations I was able to make great progress in a short time.

Jeff helped me start feeling like my old self again. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me, and that I can become the best version of myself, as long as I keep putting in the effort necessary to make that happen. Who we truly are always remains within us, we just lose sight of our Selves sometimes. Looking deep within myself revealed the path back to health.

I’m grateful to Jeff for his time and commitment to me, and I highly recommend that you speak with him. You won’t be disappointed.

- Derek Martin


Not only increased my income, but also gave me a sense of fulfillment and recognition

I was struggling to achieve laser- precision focus in direction and clarity, feeling stuck in a cycle of mediocrity, for my standards. I doubted if I would be able to overcome the challenges I was facing and fulfill my true potential. I didn’t realize thinking like this negatively affected my abilities. This opened the door to questioning whether I had what it takes to achieve my goals. 

My solo efforts didn’t bring about any lasting change. I felt like I was missing something crucial, a key ingredient that would unlock my true potential and lead me to the fulfilling life I desired.

Now, thanks to our work together, I have experienced numerous successes due to the shifts in my mindset and perspective.

Through our sessions, I gained a deep understanding of my strengths, passions, and values. I learned to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a growth mindset, realizing that failure is merely a stepping stone towards success.

The tiny insights Jeff provided along the way made the biggest difference. Jeff helped me balance my true passions and align my actions with my values utilizing the 8 areas of life. Jeff taught me the power of setting meaningful goals and breaking them down into actionable steps. With Jeff’s guidance, I developed effective strategies to overcome challenges and stay motivated during difficult times.

As a result, I achieved significant milestones in both my personal and professional life. I promoted myself in my business, which not only increased my income but also gave me a sense of fulfillment and recognition. I strengthened relationships with my loved ones by prioritizing communication and understanding. Moreover, I pursued a long-neglected hobby and expanded a side business related to it.

I wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. I no longer doubt myself or my abilities, knowing that I have the tools and mindset necessary to overcome any obstacle. Our work together has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone more consistently, take larger risks, and embrace new opportunities. I am forever grateful for the positive transformation you’ve helped me achieve.

- Sean Vargas