Eight Areas of Life

A well-balanced life is like a symphony, where each area of life plays its unique role in creating a harmonious melody.

Jack Canfield

Family – The people you consider family. This can include romantic relationships

Career – What you do with your time to make money

Mental – Continuous learning and creativity

Environment – Your home and physical surroundings

Finance – Money management and spending

Social – Connection to friends, and social circles.

PhysicalPhysical, mental and emotional well-being

Spiritual  – Your connection to your deeper purpose

If one area gets out of balance; too high, or too low, often we find ourselves in crisis.

For example, there might be a period of your life where you put most of your time and energy into your career. While you might make progress in your career and find yourself making more money, another area of life might suffer; a common one is health (Physical).

If the imbalance continues for too long, and you continue to neglect your health, then you are more likely to experience an illness.

This is life’s way of our bringing attention back to the area of life we’ve been neglecting, forcing a return to balance.

8 Areas of Life; Family, Career, Mental, Environmental, Financial, Social, Physical, and Spiritual.