Meet Jeff

Intuition Iconoclast Expansion

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and found my way into tech.

I liked tech. Some even said I was good at it. While tech definitely scratched the logical side of my spirit, life felt hollow and incomplete.

I wasn’t in control of my life. I went where the highs and lows took me. I didn’t have the tools to navigate life’s storms.

Life has a way of teaching you the exact lesson you need to learn. My teacher knocked a few times, but I always ignored it. One day it arrived in the form of a nasty divorce. It was a pain I couldn’t run away from.

I was now facing a people problem. I wasn’t prepared. I had built a life that understood logic and technology, but was lacking a deep understanding of people. 

Rather than escaping, I made the decision to face it. This was the decision that changed the course of my life. As a result, over time, I became more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Challenges shape us. They teach us lessons we need to learn. We shouldn’t wish them away, but use them as an opportunity to make us stronger.

I started asking deeper questions about my own life, pulling at threads looking for bigger and bigger answers.

Those questions lead to me to work with mentors like Lise Janelle, Genya Klaiman, Caroline Dupont, and ██████ ████. I have studied leaders like John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, and Adyashanti.

Having found the answers to some of my big questions, I’m continuing to build a genuine life without compromise.

Join me.

Jeff Kolesnikowicz

I am deeply grateful for the transformative healing services I’ve experienced with Jeff. His guidance and intuition helped me clear programs that were hindering my progress in life, providing clarity in decisions I wasn’t sure I was making. Jeff’s support in releasing fears allowed me to make significant choices confidently.

Moreover, his expertise in addressing physical pain from my back surgery and helping me feel grounded has been invaluable. As a survivor of severe sexual abuse, I felt safe and supported working with Jeff, a male practitioner. He skillfully brought to light aspects of my healing journey that I wasn’t even aware of. I highly recommend Jeff and the healing services for anyone seeking profound positive changes in their life.


A soul guided life is a difficult game to master, but it’s the only one I’ve found that’s worth playing

"Jeff's teachings led to a profound shift in my outlook. I went from focusing on what I didn't have to deeply appreciating all the goodness already present in my life. Meditation, as taught by Jeff, became a tool for cultivating mindfulness and fostering a deeper connection with my inner self. It allowed me to declutter my mind and make room for positivity."

Nima Nekouie

I had a lot of resentment towards my past life experiences that led me to feeling this was and living the current dating reality that I have. Working with Jeff he helped me connect to my inner child and future self. Jeff gave me an appreciation for past events and actually began finding immense value from those experiences. I gained the insights that my past mistakes gave me the opportunity to learn things about relationships that most men learn later in life when the stakes are higher. So although my younger years have been full of frustration I see it as an advantage instead of a deficit.

Nathaniel Mayberg

"Jeff’s work is incredible at guiding you through processes that help you view your behaviors from a new, different perspective. So many times I had “Aha”/light-bulb-going-off moments during the call, which don’t come often these days. Doing so helps you effectively analyze and eliminate limiting beliefs as well as optimize your daily mental habits and practices. An inquiry with him cannot recommended enough! "

Angelo Atienza

"Since working with Jeff, I've seen a shift in my life and perception. One of the key achievements is gaining a newfound understanding of life's flow. This understanding has brought me a sense of peace that seemed difficult to achieve in today’s fast-paced, stressful world."

Tianwei You